Our Racking Safety Inspection Service will help you to meet your obligations under the law.

Our inspectors hold relevant up to date SEMA qualifications and can be deemed competent under the law.

We use PDA technology to produce accurate, detailed and legible reporting.

We provide our customers with the choice of  printed or soft copy reports immediately after an inspection has been completed. 

The report will flag all risks identified using SEMA/FEM Risk Assessment methodology. This will enable you to manage any risks present by taking the recommended precautions prior to repair.

A fully comprehensive bound report follows the initial findings with expanded commentary and CAD layout drawings. We can also provide you with secure access to your reports on line at no extra cost should you require this facility.

Whilst on site we record the technical details of your storage systems so that we can assist you with any queries you may have in the future. Furthermore our Technical Department can use this data to calculate and produce accurate Load Data signs for your racking if required.